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Reiki Services start at $75/ hour.

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Reiki sessioNs

Reiki is an ancient hand-healing technique from Japan. It translates as spiritually guided life force energy and is offered to heal the body, mind and spirit if it is for your highest good and the highest good of all. The Reiki gently balances the Chakras, shifts the body into healing and soothes the spirit. Clients report feeling relaxed, balanced and centered. Often feedback after sessions include messages and/or visions from Spirit, where the energy flow within the body is blocked and what areas released. Reiki is a complementary therapy and not a replacement to healthcare providers including counselors.

$80/ 60 minute

$110/ 90 minute

$350/ 5x 60 minute sessions

Essential Oil Reiki Session

Reiki session with the added touch of essential oils for a deeper healing experience.

$85/ 60 minute

Crystal Reiki Session 

Enjoy the benefits of both Reiki and Crystal healing where the metaphysical healing properties of crystals are integrated to amplify the healing results of the Reiki session.

$85/ 60 minute

Hand Analysis

Hand Analysis, a form of hand reading, is based on decoding the fingerprints and looking at the overall hand. Your fingerprints are the road map to your right life. In your fingerprints are your Life Purpose (who you were born to be) and Life Lesson (the biggest road block to living on purpose). Your hand shape, texture, and the lines in your hand speak to your personality and unveil how you think, feel, and act. This session is roughly 60 minutes on hands with 30 minutes of Reiki to help you fully absorb the information being offered.

Call to Schedule with Jen, our on-call practitioner!

$170/ 90 minute

Mini Reiki Hand Analysis

This is a mini Reiki session with a quick hand analysis reading on whatever intuitively jumps out at Jen from your hand. That quick analysis would guide the areas to work on during the Reiki session to support any specific issues revealed by the hands.

Call to Schedule with Jen, our on-call practitioner!

$65/ 45 minute


Reiki Massage 

This is no ordinary massage! Bring on the magic hands! Imagine a massage where the practitioner uses her intuition to exceed your expectations with a Reiki twist. The session feel like a massage in most ways, but the practitioner pauses when she senses an energetic block and offers Reiki to help release into healing, to relax and calm the body, mind and spirit.

$75/ 60 minute

Pet Reiki Session

Bring your pet to Hera's back courtyard for a Reiki healing session. If your pet is emotionally or physically unwell, Reiki may be helpful to getting them back to their old selves again.

$45/ 30 minute

Shamanic Journey

Shamanic journeying allows communication with your guides, angels and power animals. The session can focus on your biggest challenges, fears, and obstacles in your life allowing you to see their purpose and life lesson.   The journey itself is 15-20 minutes with time for discussion after.

$45/ 30 minute

Chakra Anaylsis  

Chakra Analysis can be done in a few ways depending on the practitioner.  Using Reiki awareness, the practitioner can understand the subtle differences in energy flow through the Chakras. One practitioner may also gain insight from Shamanic techniques whereas another may use a tool such as a pendulum to help distinguish energy blocks.  With whatever remaining time, Reiki is offered to help remove blockage and open the flow of energy.

$45/ 30 minute

Tarot Reading

Tarot is a form of card reading to help you understand your current situation from a spiritual perspective. The cards offer guidance to on different aspects of your life or particular questions so clarity can shine through. Done with a touch of Reiki!

$110/ 60 minute

Tarot Reiki Sessions

This session includes 45 minute Tarot Reading and 45 minute of Reiki to embody the guidance offered through the cards.

$170/ 90 minutes