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Chakra Analysis

Chakra Analysis can be done in a few ways depending on the practitioner.  Using Reiki awareness, the practitioner can understand the subtle differences in energy flow through the Chakras. One practitioner may also gain insight from Shamanic techniques whereas another may use a tool such as a pendulum to help distinguish energy blocks.  With whatever remaining time, Reiki is offered to help remove blockage and open the flow of energy. $45 for 30 minutes

Shamanic Journey

Shamanic journeying allows communication with your guides, angels and power animals. The session can focus on your biggest challenges, fears, and obstacles in your life allowing you to see their purpose and life lesson.   The journey itself is 15-20 minutes with time for discussion after. $45 for 30 minutes

Pet Reiki Session

Bring your pet for a Reiki healing session. If your pet is emotionally or physically unwell, Reiki may be helpful to getting them back to their old selves again. $45 for 30 minutes



Reiki Session

Reiki is an ancient hand-healing technique from Japan. It translates as spiritually guided life force energy and is offered to heal the body, mind and spirit if it is for your highest good and the highest good of all. The Reiki gently balances the Chakras, shifts the body into healing and soothes the spirit. Clients report feeling relaxed, balanced and centered. Often feedback after sessions include messages and/or visions from Spirit, where the energy flow within the body is blocked and what areas released. Reiki is a complementary therapy and not a replacement to healthcare providers including counselors. $80 for 60 minute/ $110 for 90 minute / $350 for 5 pack


Desserts: Add-ons


Placement of healing crystals to your session. $5


Meal Planning

Do you struggle with knowing what you want in the long-term, but not sure how to get there? Not getting the results you desire in your relationships, business or spiritual life? Chakra Coaching can help.

Christine Renee is your spiritual mentor meets health coach wrapped in Reiki healing intention. We incorporate Chakra healing throughout our time together by assessing your Chakra health and flow, making a plan to help bring your Chakras into harmony with your Spirit Guides’ input, and supporting you in the healing process with accountability. You will become aware of your triggers and focus on healing the underlying emotional causes of each in a gentle manner.

As a spiritual mentor, Christine Renee guides the healing process and then coaches on appropriate lifestyle changes for success in whatever areas are needed. She will be your personal accountability bestie! You’ll work as a team until your goals are reached. 

The monthly fee includes creating a personalized healing plan. Your plan includes weekly coaching check-ins (this can be in-person, phone, or Skype), sessions of the above services, and a varied supportive options of homework of recorded guided meditations and exercises.

Approximately 1-2 hours each week!

Please book a discovery call to see if Chakra Coaching is right for you!

Chakra Coaching