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Reiki Training Level One

Are you ready to bring more health and vitality into your life? Tap into your own healing potential with Reiki!

This time, Reiki Level One Training will be split into two Sundays, October 6th and October 13th, 2019.

Reiki has an amazing capacity to inspire positive change for your physical and emotional well being. It enhances other healing modalities already in use. Once you have an Reiki attunement, you will always have access to the healing power of Reiki for life.  

Reiki training can also set your life path on a more spiritually enlightened course, becoming more aware of "the bigger picture" and your life purpose while tapping into ultimate healing energy for self-healing. 

Level One Reiki Training is an ideal introduction to energy healing and focuses on self-healing, particularly physical healing.

During our training, class will include direct instruction, the attunement, as well as hands-on practice and meditations.

Class Includes:

  • Reiki Attunement

  • Self-Healing Practice: Common Hand Positions

  • Introduction tot he Chakras though a Reiki Guided Meditation

  • Lose the Monkey Mind with Gassho Reiki Meditation for Centering

  • Reiki History & Principles: Where did Reiki come from and where is it going?

  • Incorporation of Reiki Healing Habits in Your Life 

  • Creating Healing Space and Setting Intentions for Your Practice, Your Life

  • Angelic/ Spirit Guide communication

  • Reiki Healing Stories

  • And more!!

Please bring a journal, water bottle and sack lunch!

All Christine Renee Reiki Students receive life-long consultations regarding their Reiki practice free of charge. We believe every student should have access to a Reiki Master who is experienced and knowledgeable.

*Christine has prerecorded much of the lecture content for you to watch prior to class. This way we dive into hands on activities during our class time together.
*Prerequisite to watch Reiki Fundamental videos prior to course

Link here:

*$75 deposit in advance to get access to the online videos.

RSVP with Christine at 406-404-9139

Total Investment Cost: $225

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